Semi-Private Sessions

Lower Impact, Less Time, Faster Recovery

Featuring BFR Training & Recovery Rooms

Semi-Private Sessions

We want to be able to make an impact on clients' health by helping them achieve their goals with lower impact, more efficient workouts in less time, and incorporating pain relief strategies. Sessions are scheduled for 40 minute time slots, clients should arrive up to 5 minutes early to perform a warm-up. Each session is made up of three components: 20 minute progressive strength workout, 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, and 10 minutes in one of our recovery rooms. A maximum of two clients for each time slot.

Strength Workouts

With the freedom to choose a method of strength training that is right for you, A&B Fitness is the first personal fitness studio in the Madison area to bring you BFR training. Become stronger and leaner in less time and without the usual muscle soreness.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Along with low impact bodyweight exercises, you have the ability to use a treadmill, elliptical, rower, or spin bike. You are free to use one or any combination to achieve your desired cardio outcome.

Recovery Room

End your training session in one of our Recovery Rooms where you can choose to stretch using a stretch strap or an assisted stretch from one of our trainers, myofascial release utilizing our massage gun and/or foam rolling.

Our sessions provide the structure needed to obtain your wellness goals and also the freedom to choose methods and modalities that will keep you activity new and engaging.

What is BFR Training?